The Metalheads

From left to right:

Cedric Mattig - Guitar
Anton Thor - Drums
Andy Meijer - Vocals
David Sturm - Guitar
Tobi Amphlet - Bass


More Than This - single coming out soon!
Voice of the Oppressed - September 2019
Doomsday EP - February 2018

The Journey so far

February 2015 marked the beginning of Profane Sanctum. Five young and ambitious musicians met online and were connected through their love of music.
They started writing songs immediately which resulted in them playing their first gig just a few months later at the Rockhaus in Berlin. Having formed bonds and gained stage experience, the band released a first demo in late 2015 and the single Doomsday in May 2016.
In 2017 Alex Debski left Profane Sanctum and was replaced by Cedric Mattig. In 2018 the band launched a succesfull crowdfunding-campaign to record their first Album - Voice Of The Oppressed, which was released in 2019. Shortly after, in summer 2019, Harshit Bhardwaj left the band and was replaced by Andy Meijer.
Currently, the band is working on new songs and developing their sound.
Profane Sanctum's music is mainly death metal with a variety of influences: old school melodic death metal like old In Flames and more modern groovy metal riffs are the backbone of the music. In addition there are influences from thrash metal bands and more progressive aspects, such as new metal/deathcore elements.
This converges to results in hard and energetic songs that are simultaneously melodic and complex.

Foto: Christoph Mangler